Employee morale has purportedly sunk as a result of Zuckerberg’s latest management shift, which came to a head when Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was admonished during the Cambridge Analytica Scandal.

In September, lawmakers for the Senate Intelligence Committee and House Energy and Commerce Committee grilled top social media executives for Twitter and Facebook regarding efforts to parry foreign influence operations on their respective platforms. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Sandberg faced a battery of questions regarding foreign influence operations as the November midterm elections near.

Sandberg was staunch in her support of Facebook’s efforts to prevent foreign influence. Sandberg’s comments come as the social media giant is facing additional heat from lawmakers regarding the collection of consumer data.

“Let me be clear: we are more determined than our opponents and we will keep fighting,” said Sandberg. “When bad actors try to use our site, we will block them, when content violates our policies, we will take it down, and when our opponents use new techniques, we will share them so we can strengthen our collective efforts. Everyone here knows this is an arms race and that means we need to be ever more vigilant.”

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