VettaFi’s Todd Rosenbluth Cited for Data-Driven Research | ETF Trends

Over the weekend, VettaFi’s head of research Todd Rosenbluth was the subject of a piece by ETF Express citing his data-driven process. The article comes following VettaFi receiving the Best U.S. ETF Research award from ETF Express, which Rosenbluth accepted on behalf of VettaFi.

Rosenbluth, who joined one of the four component firms in VettaFi’s formation in May 2022, provides frequent commentary on specific ETFs and the ETF industry overall, including comparative analysis for investor readers. The four companies which formed VettaFi earlier this year were Alerian, ETF Database, ETF Trends, and S-Network Global Indexes.

ETF Express underscored Rosenbluth and VettaFi’s use of data sourced from 300 poll questions posed to financial advisors each year as a notable approach to industry commentary. Rosenbluth pointed to VettaFi asking advisors where they were planning to find income in the coming year as an example, a subject of interest to advisors and fund managers alike.

“At VettaFi, we have a strong understanding about what advisers or buyers of ETFs are interested in and trying to meet them where they are,” Rosenbluth told the ETF-focused media outlet for the article.

“Before joining the team, I wrote research on topics I thoughts were of interest, but here we are using data to tell us what investors want to learn about and then bringing a range of investment ideas,” he added.

Rosenbluth’s role involves synthesizing data from VettaFi’s advisor polls and offering insights in an increasingly crowded and ever-changing ETF landscape, with his most recent piece taking a moment to consider what at the ETF industry has to be thankful for this year.

Other observations from Rosenbluth in recent weeks include articles assessing the state of active ETF adoption in the industry and how advisors are finding downside protection in a still-uncertain market environment.

The ETF Exchange Conference, which VettaFi co-hosted last year, is set to take place in Miami Beach from February 5–8.

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