Road to Exchange with Frazer Rice

There are fewer than fifteen days until advisors and financial services professionals all head to Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Florida for the 2024 Exchange Conference. In preparation for the event, set to take place on February 11-14, VettaFi’s CMO, Jon Fee, sat down with Frazer Rice, the Head of Family Office Services at Next Capital, to discuss why Rice is on the “Road to Exchange.”

The duo discussed many topics, covering how and why Rice is on the road to Exchange. Rice opened the conversation by giving an in-depth explanation of his professional background, before introducing some key concepts discussed in his podcast and book. He then thoroughly explained what he and Next Capital were focused on as the firm continued to work its way through 2024. To close their conversation, Fee and Rice talked about what they are looking forward to at Exchange, and shared some of the benefits of attending conferences.

Road to Exchange with Frazer Rice

0:00 Introduction of Frazer Rice.

0:30 Fee’s explanation of the topics being covered in the video.

1:00 What did Rice do before becoming the Head of Family Office Services at Next Capital?

1:30 Rice’s podcast and writing experience.

1:50 How did Rice find Next Capital? And what does Next Capital do as a firm?

2:30 How long has Rice been at Next Capital?

3:00 Rice explains both his book and his podcast: Wealth, Actually.

3:30 A key topic Rice writes about in the book.

4:30 What is top of mind for Rice and Next Capital in 2024?

5:00 Why now is one of the most “unbelievable environments” for estate planning.

5:30 Rice on the importance of understanding what individuals have put into place.

6:00 Fee shares why there needs to be an “estate planning gym.”

6:15 Fee sharing information on the Exchange Conference.

6:45 What Rice hopes to get out of the Exchange Conference.

7:00 How Exchange helps Rice network and get a better understanding of what is going on in the markets.

8:00 Fee on the benefits of conferences.

8:15 Closing thoughts.

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