NYSE’s ETF Leaders: ETF Leaders R Cubed’s Cliff Remily

As interest rates go up and inflation hits everyone, investors want to know how much income they can get. But according to Cliff Remily, CIO at R Cubed Global Capital, that’s only part of the whole puzzle.

“What you really want to focus on is the growth of that income,” Remily said at Exchange 2023.

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Not only should a strategy provide “an income today,” but “it should grow you one over time,” Remily said. That way, “you could actually not just keep up with inflation but outpace inflation with your income.”

R Cubed specializes in global and international dividend paying stock investing. The actively managed R3 Global Dividend Growth ETF (GDVD) invests in dividend-paying equity securities. Originally listed in 2017, then closed in 2020 when R Cubed was launched, GDVD was relaunched in 2021.

“The objective of this is to pay an attractive yield today,” Remily said.

The fund had a 3.8% dividend yield at the time of the interview (which was conducted in February). And historically for the past four years it’s grown about 12% or 13% annually on the dividend.

“We also want to outpace the global benchmarks,” Remily added.

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