Introducing The ETFinTwit 50: Part 2 | ETF Trends

The decision to support financial Twitter was an easy one. Some of the top minds, experts, and influencers gather on #FinTwit. Plus, we love how Twitter helps with markets, teambuilding, networking and giving back — all things we want to support at ETF Trends.

To kick off #ETFintwit, or our support of the FinTwit community, we created a list of the top 50 accounts on financial Twitter. We looked for influential members of the FinTwit community, and while we only looked at accounts with at least 1,000 followers, we looked at so much more than follower count. We sought people who use FinTwit in a meaningful way, whether that’s to help them do their job or to give back. 

Look at the first 25 names we released, and you’ll notice that we didn’t just look for ETF experts. Rather, we tapped advisors, personal finance gurus, analysts, journalists, asset managers and more. Think of it like an index fund of FinTwit. 

Before we get to the final 25 names, we want to remind you that #ETFintwit doesn’t stop here. We’ll be finding new and exciting ways to support the community, including sponsored real-life meetups. The first one will take place at Exchange: An ETF Experience, where you’re invited to join many members of this list to help take our Twitter community to the next level.

And now, the second half of our inaugural #ETFintwit #Top50 …

Nicole Casperson, WTFintech

Nicole Casperson
Founder, WTFintech?

One to watch in 2022 and beyond, 27-year-old Nicole Casperson thought journalists should cover #FinTech differently. So she created a brand to do it, leveraging Twitter to raise awareness and add subscribers.

Career background: I went from years as a corporate finance reporter and editor covering mortgages, auto finance, wealth management, and fintech to the founder, host, and creator of my own fintech content brand WTFintech? with a podcast, newsletter, and Twitter threads. 

#FinTwit story: On Twitter, I am a full-out fintech news source with an unconventional voice and perspective that is uplifted by the amazing members of the FinTwit community. Together, we’re working to build a world where everyone has access to financial freedom by elevating the stories of women, BIPOC, and diverse leaders in the space. 

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: Hashtag: #FREEBRITNEY — and we got her free. ETF: WOMN (YWCA Women’s Empowerment ETF)


Ben Carlson, Ritholtz Wealth Management

Ben Carlson
Author, Podcast Host & Head of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management

If you got dizzy reading all of his titles, you’re not alone. Ben Carlson does it all. His book, “A Wealth of Common Sense,” has 4.5 stars on Amazon, and his podcast, “Animal Spirits,” which he co-hosts with Michael Batnick, has 4.8 stars on iTunes. All that, and you can catch his insights on #FinTwit for free. (He’ll also be at Exchange: An ETF Experience.) 

Career background: I’ve been managing money for almost 20 years in various capacities. I also have a blog, podcast and share a YouTube channel with my colleagues.

#FinTwit story: I love Twitter because I can use it as a news source, follow the markets, learn from intelligent people, make online friends and waste time if needed.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: $VTI


Dom Chu, CNBC

Dom Chu
Senior Markets Correspondent, CNBC

Plenty of finance reporters tweet out headlines and breaking news stories, but it’s rare to find a TV personality that regularly engages with followers, whether it’s to joke around or answer questions. 

Career background: Wall Street guy, turned biz news guy…

#FinTwit story: LOVE meeting some of the anonymous stars of FinTwit in person…always great to put faces and names to handles…def some others I’d love to get to know…don’t worry…your identities are safe with me!

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: #ToTheMoon


Samuel Deane, Deane Wealth Management

Samuel Deane
Founder, Deane Wealth Management

Samuel Deane is an Investopedia Top 100 advisor and author (of his own newsletter and as a contributing author for Morningstar). With a focus on millennials, tech, equity, and generational wealth, his tweets are a must.

Career background: I founded Deane Wealth Management when I was 26 years old. Since then, I’ve built a wealth management firm that addresses the needs, constraints, concerns, and opportunities that are inherent to the niche group of millennials in the tech industry. 

#FinTwit story: I’ve built some of the best relationships with people I’ve met on Twitter!

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: ETH



Benn Eifert, QVR Advisors

Benn Eifert
Founder, QVR Advisors

In a world full of delta, Benn Eifert is full-on vega. If you’re interested in options or just want a slightly different way of looking at things, spend some time on his page.

Career background: I started as an emerging markets economist, working for the Chief Economist of the World Bank and completing a PhD in Economics at Berkeley. While bored in graduate school, I taught in the Masters in Financial Engineering program and worked for Evolution Capital Management. Afterwards I worked on the proprietary trading desk at Wells Fargo in San Francisco, which eventually spun out as a hedge fund called Overland Advisors, where I was Head of Quantitative Research and Derivatives Trader. I left Overland to start Mariner Coria, a relative value hedge fund on Mariner Investment Group’s platform, with senior partner Jon Loflin in New York. When my first son Thomas was born, though, I shut down the weekly San Francisco to New York commute and started QVR Advisors in San Francisco.

#FinTwit story: Live-tweeting the destruction of various parts of my house and property by my water-loving 5yo son Thomas 

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: XIV (RIP)


Meb Faber, Cambria Investment Management

Meb Faber
Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, Cambria Investment Management

If the word “quant” makes your eyes glaze over, then Meb Faber is the quant for you. He tweets about valuations, markets, investor behavior, and more — always in plain English and with a signature wit.

Career background: Ski bum. No, really. I started my career in DC as a biotech equity analyst, then moved to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe to be a quant analyst and ski bum before finally landing in Manhattan Beach, CA. 

#FinTwit story: While I mostly tweet about investment research, we’ve helped people find millions of $ they’ve lost or forgotten about on Our record so far is a couple hundred thousand dollars!

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: TRTY ETF



Lily Francus, Moody’s Analytics

Lily Francus
Director of Quantitative Research Strategy, Moody’s Analytics

Lily Francus perfectly mixes a serious approach to markets with a lightheartedness that’s fresh and exciting. In an industry filled with older men who take finance very seriously, there’s a reason this 26 year old accrued more than 50,000 followers in just over a year.

Career background: When I’m not online (too much, anyway), I work as a director of quantitative research strategy at Moody’s Analytics, as well as advising quantitative research at Blockforce Capital. Previously, I was a PhD student in bioinformatics, and even before that, a software engineer at LinkedIn and Stripe. On the side I trade too much and work on weird crypto and options quantitative research.

#FinTwit story: I actually joined FinTwit because a friend in a trading discord asked me to post on Twitter predictions from my somewhat infamous model, NOPE (net options pricing effect) last year. I was a student back then pretty new to trading, but I had a finance background and was eager to learn. I actually shared research papers on it, and the first whitepaper I shared explaining it was a class assignment for an ML course! It kind of blew up and got really weird early this year with Gamestop, and I started posting model predictions in real time. It’s been an incredible networking tool, with a lot of good (job offers, talking to interesting people, new career path) but also a lot of bad (facing online harassment mainly, time sink).

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: Favorite ETF has to be SPY, simply because that’s what I tabulated NOPE on, especially to start with. Favorite coin has to be Tiger King coin, mostly because it was incredibly dumb, grifty, and perfectly emblematic of 2021.


Katie Greifeld, Bloomberg QuickTake

Katie Greifeld
Anchor, Bloomberg QuickTake

It’s hard to transition seamlessly from the VIX to trolling KFC to sharing photos that show you have a life outside of finance (and Twitter). But Katie Greifeld makes it look easy, making her an easy choice for the Top 50.

Career background: I started as an intern with Bloomberg News in summer 2016 and I’ve been here ever since. I write articles about stocks, crypto and ETFs, anchor a daily show for Bloomberg QuickTake and chat markets on Bloomberg Television and Radio whenever I’m not tweeting.

#FinTwit story: Twitter has been insanely valuable to me as a journalist. I’ve met a ton of sources (and friends!) on it and found so many great story ideas in between all the memes. It’s such a fun, vibrant community once you find your niche.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: I love when misspelled crypto-adjacent hashtags start trending. A recent favorite is “etherium.”


Tom Hearden, Skylands Capital

Tom Hearden
Senior Trader, Skylands Capital

People frequently tell us that Twitter is instrumental to their jobs. It’s where they see news happening in real-time. Tom Hearden exemplifies this, sharing insightful tweets and breaking headlines, all with a signature love of bad puns. 

Career background: With 34 years of institutional equities and derivatives trading experience, I have traded equities and derivatives from the buyside, sellside, upstairs desks and the floor of the NYSE. Previous stops have included head of sales trading at ITG, CEO of Robins & Henderson, and head equity trader at Strong Capital. For the past seven years I have been the Senior Trader at Milwaukee based asset manager Skylands Capital.

#FinTwit story: If you’re not familiar with my account I post a ton of market talk; but also you can expect some bad puns, Wisconsin sports references, and occasional snark. Like many, I was for years mainly an observer on Twitter. Several years ago I made the conscious decision to proactively share content and observations as one would on a large trading desk. Eventually the content led to forming relationships with many of the #FinTwit regulars. I have a photo attached to my Twitter profile of a NYC dinner. It was the first time I had ever met any of the folks in real life, and now I count nearly every person who attended as a close friend. My heartfelt advice is to make a point of meeting your Twitter friends.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin or hashtag: Twitter has become the de facto news tape. Wherever there’s a stock in motion or an interesting disconnect, you’ll likely find me. 


Hitha Herzog, H Squared Research

Hitha Herzog
Author and Chief Research Officer, H Squared Research

If you watch financial news, it’s likely you’ve heard Hitha Herzog talk about retail and consumer spending. It’s no wonder Forbes magazine recently named her “one of the most influential South Asian women in the United States.”

Career background: I’m the Chief Research Officer of H Squared Research LLC, a data-driven, research firm for registered investment advisors, as well as a contributor at Vogue India and the author of the book “Black Market Billions: How Organized Retail Crime Funds Terrorists,” and a companion app to help people identify and spot counterfeit merchandise sold on the black market. I use my retail expertise to advise start-ups in Silicon Valley and to teach a class on social commerce at Parsons. When I’m not expanding my business and advising early-stage companies, I’m working to raise awareness about the criminal activity linked to the black market or sharing insights on retail and consumer spending on CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, or ABC.

#FinTwit story: Not many people know this, but in the early days of Twitter / #FinTwit I met @ConvertBond aka Larry McDonald. He had just written “Colossal Failure of Common Sense.” I tweeted about it, and we were instantly friends. He is now part of my extended family of friends. We cheer each other on, and help out when we need advice or objective strategic thinking. Grateful for #FinTwit for creating solid, lifelong friendships.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: My favorite ETF right now is $ARKK. It’s a close tie with $XRT.


Corey Hoffstein, Newfound Research

Corey Hoffstein
Co-founder and CIO, Newfound Research

It’s rare to find someone who can go deep into the weeds without losing sight of the big picture. But Corey Hoffstein does. His super smart, always accessible takes on what drives markets land him on our inaugural Top 50.

Career background: CIO and co-founder of Newfound Research, a quantitative asset manager focused on helping institutions, advisors, and investors pro-actively navigate market risk.  Also host of the podcast Flirting with Models.

#FinTwit story: The ETF $NTSX was born out of a Twitter conversation originally held between two anonymous twitter accounts

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: $NTSX



Ana Trujillo Limon, Framework Podcast

Ana Trujillo Limon & Jamie Hopkins
@AnaT_Edits & @RetirementRisks
Co-hosts, Framework Podcast

We had Ana Trujillo Limon on our Top 50 list from day one. After numerous people nominated her Framework co-host Jamie Hopkins, we thought, “Why not make this a dual entry so we can feature them both?” The pair exemplify the kind of mutual support and encouragement that makes FinTwit so special, and we’re thrilled to have them on the Top 50.

Career background: 

Ana: I’ve loved writing since I was a kid and pursued a career in journalism so I could make my living doing what I love to do. Writing and editing have given me opportunities to learn so many things and connect with a myriad of amazing people and professionals. When I’m not writing or editing, you can find me on a walk or run with my dogs, Zena and Baloo, or in search of the most delicious wine in Denver.

Jamie: Lifelong learning is core to me, education has given me so many opportunities in life. For nearly 11 years, I’ve been a professor in addition to my day job in financial services. I also launched a non-profit, FinServ Foundation, to help get more young leaders into this profession. I am a father of three kids, and Baxter my dog! I love running, cheeseburgers, and Heinz Ketchup (not homemade Ketchup – yuck).

Jamie Hopkins, Framework Podcast

#FinTwit story: 

Ana: Initially, I signed up for Twitter to connect with sources and potential writers for the publication I used to work with, but it has become a place where I go to be inspired by, learn something new from, and lift and be lifted up by the #FinTwit community. In addition to the inspiration, #FinTwit also goes to bat for one another in the face of disrespect and abuse, which I absolutely love.

Jamie: I learn so much from the people on Twitter: giving, financial planning, investing, or just how to better operate a business. Two of my last hires came entirely from the #FinTwit community. I had no other connection with them except that we interacted on social media and now we work on the same team. It’s amazing how #FinTwit can connect and raise people up to new heights.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: 

Ana: #RepresentationMatters. People feel more deeply connected to places, professions and people when they can see that someone like them has a seat at the table.

Jamie: #FinancialFreedom, since that’s really why we invest and plan or do what we do in financial services. 


Phil Huber, Savant Wealth Management

Phil Huber
Chief Investment Officer, Savant Wealth Management

Even if you don’t know Phil Huber, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a photo of someone posing with his new book: The Allocator’s Edge. When all of #FinTwit turns out to support your book, you’re definitely Top 50 material.

Career background: I’m the Chief Investment Officer for Savant Wealth Management, a nationally recognized, fee-only registered investment adviser (RIA) with more than $12 billion in assets under management (AUM). I’ve been in the wealth management business almost my entire career and have been surrounded by it nearly my whole life, as my dad was/is a financial advisor. In addition to my day-to-day duties at Savant, I take an active role in producing investment content. I write regularly on my blog, bps and pieces, and recently published my first book, The Allocator’s Edge: A modern guide to alternative investments and the future of diversification.

#FinTwit story: I got active on Twitter in 2015 when I was at home for several weeks recovering from retina surgery. Just about the only thing I could do at the time with my one good eye was scroll on my phone. I discovered #FinTwit and never looked back. Since then, it has become my go-to platform to curate my news/research filters and learn from some of the smartest (and funniest) people I can find. The community has been indispensable in helping me build my brand, promote my content, and provide cringe worthy dad jokes. The greatest thing to come out of #FinTwit for me are the many IRL friendships that began online.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: This is not investment advice or any sort of recommendation, but I am a pro wrestling fanatic (see the belt in my avatar pic) so I kind of have to go with $WWE, don’t I?


Julie Hyman, Yahoo Finance

Julie Hyman
Anchor, Yahoo Finance

It takes a certain amount of skill to interview the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies while also covering the open each day. Julie Hyman manages to both do it and tweet through it.

Career background: I joined the Washington Times business section out of college. When given the choice between jumping to the features section or taking a markets reporter job with Bloomberg — in the Paris bureau — I opted for the latter. That’s when I really fell in love with markets coverage. I eventually moved to NYC, and to Bloomberg TV, where I danced through a number of roles, from NYSE correspondent to retail reporter. Three years ago, I joined Yahoo Finance, where I co-host the 9am–11am ET show. I’m having a ball breaking down business and finance headlines in a smart, fun way for everyday investors.

#FinTwit story: I joined Twitter in 2010, I think around the same time I met up with the man I consider to be synonymous with FinTwit, Joe Weisenthal, at Tom & Jerry’s on Elizabeth Street. I remember being impressed by his ability to simultaneously hold a conversation with me and keep up with Twitter on his phone. At first, the service was a novelty; now it’s a necessity. There’s a lot of noise out there, but FinTwit consistently provides community, insight and a fun cast of characters.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: I love the various trends and campaigns that have arisen from FinTwit. #MintTheCoin has been a fun one to follow.


Helene Meisler, Real Money

Helene Meisler
Columnist, Real Money

Not only does Helene Meisler provide the kind of charts that finance types go gaga for, she also responds regularly to questions and comments from the more than 130,000 people who follow her. 

Career background:  I have worked on Wall St since 1982, at Cowen, Goldman Sachs and at Cargill. Been writing a daily column for Realmoney since 1998.

#FinTwit story: I love Twitter because, to me, it’s like being back in the trading room with everyone sharing news, jokes, trades, charts (don’t forget the charts!), whatever.  At the beginning of Covid in March 2020 I started doing a Saturday Chart Fest that has become a great way to interact with folks on a weekend when the markets are closed. My weekly Twitter Poll on the next 100 points for the S&P has become a fan favorite as I typically get at least 2500 respondents. 

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: My favorite stock, etf or group is always to seek out that which is most hated and look for signs it is bottoming. 


Onramp Invest

Onramp Invest

When we started the Top 50 list, we tried to keep it to one person per company. And we certainly didn’t plan to put a company on the list. But when a company is doing social so well it’s basically become synonymous with #FinTwit, adjustments must be made. That company is Onramp Invest (which also includes @OnrampAcademy). 

Not only is Onramp Co-founder and CEO Tyrone Ross (@TR401) part of the Top 50, the company boasts a number of other big-name #FinTwit accounts. Head of Community Caitlin Cook (@DeadCaitBounce) joined Onramp after reaching out to Tyrone on Twitter. Chief of Staff Justin Castelli (@Just10Castelli) built his own brand up on social media. Co-founder Eric Ervin (@eervin1) shares expertise on both crypto and ETFs, when he’s not offering heartfelt reflections on his time in the industry. Not to mention Chief Marketing Officer Nyle Bayer (@nylebayer), the self-proclaimed “King of Twitter Stories (RIP).” In fact, Bayer was quick to see that #FinTwit is helping to power Onramp’s success, and to look for ways to keep the momentum going. He had this to say about building a brand on social media:

It’s no secret that social media is the modern way to scale distribution. When people and brands connect authentically online, cool things begin to happen offline as well. At conferences, people often seek out our team because the relationship has already been built online. It feels like friends coming together instead of that awkward booth to participant staredown. The opposite is true too; we can run a physical ad in Times Square and turn it into a viral event.

If you need any more proof, just look at how the roll out of the RWM Crypto Index — the new Index backed by Ritholtz Wealth Management and offered to Advisors by Onramp — played out on FinTwit.


Cullen Roche

Cullen Roche

If we had a dollar for every time someone in the FinTwit community asked, “Do you know Cullen Roche?” we could buy a few shares of the Discipline Fund ETF.

Career background: I started old school trading stocks and bonds at Merrill Lynch. Didn’t love the commission based sales approach so I spun off on my own about 20 years ago to start a low cost indexing and planning based advisory business. I was naïve at the time with limited assets, barely any income, and big ideas about how I’d grow a business blogging and writing on the Internet. It worked out with some luck and a lot of hard work.

#FinTwit story: I joined Twitter during the ‘08 Financial Crisis and it’s completely transformed my life and career. I’ve not only become business partners with many of the people I’ve met on Finance Twitter, but some of them are my best friends. My wife likes to say my internet friends aren’t real, but she’s wrong. SHE’S WRONG.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: I’m biased, but Discipline Funds is a pretty great company. 🙂


Shannon Saccorcia, Boston Private, an SVB Company

Shannon Saccocia
Chief Investment Officer, Boston Private, an SVB Company

We love any member of FinTwit that can casually declare their love for FRED data in one breath, then chat about the intersection of pop culture and market trends in the next. Shannon Saccocia is that person.

Career background: After falling in love with economics in college — and as a result, shelving my pre-med plans — I started on a path towards institutional consulting and instead ended up as the 11th employee of a small RIA. 15 years and three acquisitions later, my day job looks a little different, but as a CIO, I’m still a sucker for FRED data, love talking with clients about the real economy, and am passionate about integrating tech solutions to elevate the client experience.

#FinTwit story: I technically have been on Twitter since 2009, but after I joined CNBC as a contributor in 2018, I knew I had to be more open to conversation — and criticism. What I was not prepared for was the dynamic community that is #FinTwit, which has pushed me to think more, give more, and definitely laugh more.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: $NFLX. Pandemic or not, someone is always talking about a show I haven’t seen.


James Seyffart, Bloomberg Intelligence

James Seyffart
ETF Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence

James Seyffart managed to more than double his followers in less than four months. When we asked how he did it, he gave us a simple recipe: Make a contrarian call tied to Bitcoin, be very vocal about it, and be right. Voilà!

Career background: I’ve been at Bloomberg my entire career, I even interned here before graduating. I started in our data department maintaining pretty much all data points related to ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Hedge Funds. Then I moved to Bloomberg Intelligence (BI) which is Bloomberg’s research department where my team covers funds and the asset management industry with a primary focus on ETFs. When I joined BI I also helped to start our coverage of the cryptocurrency markets which I still do — but primarily from the ETF and funds angle.

#FinTwit story: Fintwit has become a part of my daily life and has become almost critical to my job — even if I sometimes spend way too much time scrolling. I’ve learned a ton from so many different people, I’ve made friends, it’s helped me to sharpen ideas, and it provides an outlet to share some of our research that’s typically only available to Bloomberg Terminal clients. 

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: My favorite ETF ticker of all time is GDAY, which no longer exists but it was a 2x leveraged ETF on the Australian Dollar — G’day mate.


Robert Sofia, Snappy Kraken

Robert Sofia
Founder, Snappy Kraken

Financial services is a notoriously tough industry when it comes to marketing. You wouldn’t know that, though, talking to Robert Sofia, who’s made a career out of explaining marketing to financial advisors, and marketing financial advisors to the world.

Career background: I’m a creative at heart, but I fell into entrepreneurship to fill a massive need I discovered in the early two-thousands: financial advisors needed marketing help. That led to forming my first marketing company which sold to FMG Suite in 2016. Snappy Kraken was my next adventure, and it’s been the best of my career. Helping advisors reach greater heights through better marketing is still what drives me, and I’m having more fun than ever!

#FinTwit story: My wife broke three vertebrae and was completely out of commission for two months in 2021. Her accident unexpectedly thrust me into caring for her, our toddler, our home, and my CEO duties. I was overwhelmed to say the least. I shared this on FinTwit and asked for advice. The outpouring of support, encouragement, reassurance, and generosity was incredible! I always knew FinTwit was an amazing peer group, but that experience taught me that it can be so much more to those who are willing to be vulnerable. That was a powerful lesson for me!

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: I’m a bit of an investing simpleton to be honest: DCA as much as I can, diversify, and stay invested. Vanguard Total Stock Market (VTI) makes this easy at low cost. Something tells me this answer is going to get me schooled by a bunch of advisors.


Julie VerHage-Greenberg, FinTech Today

Julie VerHage-Greenberg
Co-founder FinTech Today

The line between #FinTech and #FinTwit is blurrier than ever, making accounts like Julie VerHage-Greenberg’s a must follow for 2022 and beyond. Her tweets range from payments and the various uses for blockchain to the Metaverse and beyond.

Career background: Wall Street reporter, markets reporter, Fintech reporter, and now founder 🙂

#FinTwit story: Getting retweeted by Taylor Swift, even though that’s not really FinTwit (though maybe it is?) lol

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: AFRM



Joe Weisenthal, Odd Lots Podcast

Joe Weisenthal
Co-host, Odd Lots Podcast

For many early adapters, Joe Weisenthal is synonymous with #FinTwit. For most of 2009 and beyond, he’d wake up at 4 a.m. and tweet “What did I miss?” The catchphrase became so famous he turned it into a show on Bloomberg TV, before turning his focus to Odd Lots, one of the most popular investing podcasts on iTunes.

Career background: I’ve been in financial journalism for over 13 years, but I kind of stumbled into it. After college, I wanted to produce a musical. That didn’t work out. I briefly did equity research for a small portfolio management firm, before getting into blogging, which ultimately turned into jobs. I’ve been at Bloomberg for over 7 years, and these days I focus on the podcast and blog that I co-host with Tracy Alloway called Odd Lots.

FinTwit story: I joined twitter in March of 2008 during a trip to South by Southwest, cause that’s when everyone was doing it. That turned out to be amazing timing, because that’s when Bear Stearns collapsed, and I got hooked on people tweeting about financial news in real time. During the Great Financial Crisis and Eurozone crisis it was an indepensible way to find voices and expertise that had insight into things we were all learning about at the same time.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: #MintTheCoin


Dan Weiskopf, ETF Think Tank

Dan Weiskopf
Lead ETF Strategist, ETF Think Tank

Dan Weiskopf’s Twitter account is like an index fund of everything that’s important in markets and the economy, from data on the labor market to crypto volatility.

Career background: I started my career in 1987 working at a family office, then launched a small cap

hedge fund and then spent time at a large wirehouse. When I started researching ETFs in 1999 I was

most excited about the access ETFs offered as a “fund of funds approach”. Back then, I knew that the

disruption in asset management would be revolutionary and started writing about how “Structure Matters” in the context of security selection. In 2020, I wrote a white paper on how to Measure ETF Innovation. I am the lead ETF Strategist for the ETF Think Tank (“TANK”) which is a platform that provides research, due diligence and social media strategies to financial advisors who are considered members of the Tank. Through these services, as a trusted third party, the Tank works with financial advisors to enhance the value proposition of its members. Along with working on ETF research for the Tank I am on the investment committee at Toroso Investments and the Co-Portfolio Manager of the actively managed Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (BLOK). 

#FinTwit story: Social Media has long been important to me in my pursuit to connect and find synergies of purpose and shared insights. I met Michael A. Gayed @leadlagreport through a #FinTwit conversation who as a result joined Toroso in 2020. We now talk multiple times each day regarding how we can help advisors who we work with in the Tank.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: Many of my favorites are in the 400 thematic and alternatives

ETFs.. #Few #StructureMatters #Innovation


Dasarte Yarnway, Ganta Ventures

Dasarte Yarnway
Founder, Ganta Ventures

Dasarte Yarnway is a financial advisor, a passionate advocate for equity, the author of several books, the founder of several ventures, and a nonstop hustler who is leaving the world better than he found it.

Career background: Former college football player with NFL ambitions, who’s been a career advisor and investor. My latest venture is, Ganta ventures, which focuses on building equity and affordable housing in disenfranchised communities. 

FinTwit story: I met Justin Castelli and Nyle Bayer on Twitter and they encouraged me to start my own podcast because THEY thought I had a good voice. Three years later, I’ve done over 125 episodes, run the Human Advisor Podcast by Altruist, and have made lifelong relationships. 

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: #PayMeInEquity 


Jason Zweig, The Wall Street Journal

Jason Zweig
Columnist, The Wall Street Journal

Not only does Jason Zweig write influential columns in The Wall Street Journal, he’s also edited some of the most influential finance books ever written. Lucky for us, he shares insights into it all on Twitter.

Career background: I grew up in farm country in northern New York state, so I’ve had some practice sniffing B.S. (although I don’t always get everything right).  I’ve been writing about financial markets since 1987, first as a reporter and editor at Forbes, then as a writer at Money magazine and, since 2008, as an investing columnist at The Wall Street Journal. I’ve had the incredible good fortune of editing Benjamin Graham’s book The Intelligent Investor and helping Danny Kahneman write his book Thinking, Fast and Slow. I’ve also been a guinea pig in several neuroeconomics labs, getting my brain scanned and participating in other experiments. When I’m not working, I want nothing to do with investing.  I enjoy cooking; running, hiking and biking; reading (mostly classic fiction); art and antiques; and gardening.

#FinTwit story: I have a few rules: Never tweet in anger, never punch down, and always ask WWMT: What would Mom tweet? (If she wouldn’t tweet it, neither should you!)  My favorite #FinTwit story is the wonderful community that sprang up around the @nonrelatedsense account, which I wrote about here.

Favorite ETF, stock, coin, or hashtag: Sorry, gang, I’m boring: I like I bonds.