6 Things to Do Ahead of Exchange

Exchange begins on Sunday, February 11! Like any big industry event, there are things you should do in advance that will make it easier for you to take advantage of the learning and networking opportunities.

Make Sure Your Materials Are Up to Date

Before setting foot in Miami Beach, you should make sure you have all of your materials updated. Is your LinkedIn profile ready to be reviewed by the new contacts you’ll meet? Is your firm’s website showcasing what you do best? Do you have an updated bio? The first impression you make will be in the moment at the conference, but the second impression is also important. That impression will likely be your new contacts reviewing your materials online.

Get Your Travel Plans in Order

Florida-based advisors will be rolling out of bed and commuting to the conference, but many other advisors are traveling. Make sure to book your flights this week if that hasn’t happened yet, and double-check your accommodations. All advisors — even those based in Florida — will need to register for Exchange. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry. It’s easy to do; you can handle it right now by clicking here.

Review the Agenda

The historic strength of Exchange has been in its keynote speakers and its panels. This year’s edition boasts an incredible lineup. Reviewing the agenda in advance will help you plan out the sessions most important to your own professional growth.

Pack for Business and Pleasure

Chances are Miami Beach will be warmer and nicer weatherwise than where you are coming from. Make sure you pack accordingly. Additionally, don’t limit your wardrobe to all business. Miami has a famous nightlife, and the Fontainebleau is right next to the ocean.

Open Your Mind to New Ideas

With logistics out of the way, the rest of your prep for Exchange is mental. The conference will feature the thought leaders and experts who are leading the financial services industry into the future. Take a little bit of time to review your prior assumptions. What do you think about the markets in 2024? What do you expect will happen? Understanding your biases going into a conference is useful as it can open your mind to hearing evidence that could change your mind. Approaching an event like Exchange with intentionality and awareness will help you get the most you can out of the experience.

Have Fun

Learning and growing is challenging. It is also easy to want to optimize your experience and network hard. Don’t forget to give yourself permission to enjoy the event. Learning can be fun, and if you take the pressure off of the networking event and focus on having a good time, you’ll probably end up with better results. The financial services community looks forward to seeing you in Miami soon!

Register for Exchange 2024 today. 

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