How ETF Experts Are Countering Inflation | ETF Trends

Investors face a myriad of challenges that threaten their portfolios. Ongoing headwinds like inflation, rising interest rates, geopolitical risks, rising energy prices, and ongoing supply chain hurdles have all weighed on investor confidence.

In the upcoming webcast, How ETF Experts are Countering Inflation, Matthew Bartolini, head of SPDR Americas Research at State Street Global Advisors; Joseph Hosler, managing principal at Auour Investments; and Robert Michaud, chief investment officer at New Frontier Advisors, will help financial advisors navigate the current environment and outline portfolio strategies that are best suited for today’s market.

As investors consider ways to navigate a rising inflationary environment, there are several ETF strategies to choose from. For example, fixed income ETF investors who are interested in hedging their portfolios against inflationary pressures can turn to TIPS-related ETFs, such as the SPDR Portfolio TIPS ETF (SPIP).

Precious metals plays, like the SPDR Gold Shares (NYSEArca: GLD), have also been an easy way to safeguard wealth.

Auour Investments has developed the Instinct Strategies to drive superior performance by protecting wealth during market panics in a bid to eliminate regret. The Auour Instinct Strategies are built on decades of institutional investment management and are designed to participate in rising markets while protecting downside risks. Through the efficiency of exchange traded funds, Auour focuses on factors that have been shown to drive investment performance, including market participation, asset allocation, and expense management.

Specifically, Auour maintains a proprietary multi-factor model that analytically characterizes markets across a spectrum of risk. Through a combination of fundamental and technical inputs, Auour takes stock of the investment environment and adjusts the asset allocation to best fit the market conditions. These factors include observing the movements of the various asset classes that exist around the world, the ways they tend to interact with each other, the liquidity and changing complexion of corporate financing, the identification of the investment styles driving market performance, and asset valuation levels.

New Frontier Advisors offers the New Frontier ETF model portfolios, which are a disciplined, objective approach to optimal investment in economic growth over the long term. Their patented processes add significant value to portfolio optimization and rebalancing by creating risk-managed portfolios that are efficiently rebalanced, and they consistently enhance these processes to remain at the cutting edge of investment technology.

The New Frontier portfolios represent a unique combination of advanced technology with institutional investment experience, extensive research, and patented processes to provide cost-effective, optimized, risk-controlled portfolios.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning about inflation-related investment strategies can register for the Wednesday, October 5 webcast here.