A Hard Road

Three years of less-than-stellar financial market performance.

It’s been a tough slog for investors over roughly the past three years, with most corners of the market
offering little to nothing in the way of gains. Over that period, of course, interest rates have soared,
corporate earnings have been stagnant overall, and valuations have fallen.

Consider that, since December 31, 2020:

  • Bonds are down a whopping -16.5%.
  • A balanced global portfolio of 60% stocks/40% bonds is down -5.4%.
  • Global stocks are up a mere 6.1%—and, as seen in the chart, it’s been a rough ride to get there.
MSCI Global Stocks

Source: Bloomberg, as of 10/31/23

Financial market gains have been exceedingly tough to come by over the past few years, regardless of
how you’ve invested among traditional asset classes. The brutal downturn seen in 2022—the worst year
for stocks since 2008 and the worst year on record for bonds—has meant that many asset classes are still
trying to claw their way out of a historically deep hole. In particular, relatively conservative or “balanced”
investors have taken it on the chin, as bonds’ significant underperformance has actually exacerbated
equity market declines rather than offset them.

Of course, market weakness over short periods, such as two or three years, is common. What’s more, the
robust economic growth numbers we’ve seen lately (e.g., nearly 5% GDP growth in the third quarter and
strong consumer spending) could set the stage for a substantial upswing in the coming months as more
investors appreciate the economy’s continued resilience.

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