Green Bond ETF Won't be Hurt by Trump's Paris Decision

GRNB holds 41 green bonds and the U.S. is merely the ETF’s fourth-largest country weight at 10.1%. The ETF allocates about 36% of its combined weight to French and German issues. About 84% of GRNB’s holdings are denominated in euros or dollars.

GRNB is a socially responsible bond ETF investment that provides a real impact on the world.

The issuer of the bond must indicate the bond’s “green” label and the rationale behind it, such as the intended use of proceeds. As an additional filter, the bond must be designated “green” by Climate Bonds Initiative, an international not-for profit working to mobilize the bond market for climate change solutions.

“The green bonds market in the U.S. has developed with little support from the federal government. A wide range of companies had urged the administration to remain in the agreement, and corporate issuers like Apple have issued green bonds both to tout their environmental stewardship and in response to investor demand. Much of the growth in the U.S. has been in the municipal market, which is expected to continue to expand given the massive infrastructure investment needed,” according to VanEck.

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