ETF 360: Dimensional Continues to Build on Success

The latest ETF 360 features Dimensional’s Rob Harvey in conversation with VettaFi’s Head of Research Todd Rosenbluth. The two discussed Dimensional’s broad success and the Dimensional US Small Cap Value ETF (DFSV).

Dimensional Sees Broad Success

Dimensional has seen tremendous success recently. All 38 of their ETFs have seen net inflows on the year, according to Rosenbluth.

“The secret sauce behind the success really lies in the powerful relationships we have with the financial professionals that we work with,” Harvey said. The strength and trust they have with their partners translates directly into faith in their products from investors. “The active ETF space has been growing quite substantially. We’ve really been at the forefront of that.”

Small-Cap Value

Dimensional is known for its small-cap value products. Accordingly, DSFV builds on that legacy.

“It really represents the flagship ideas of Dimensional,” Harvey said, noting that it also tells the story of Dimensional’s evolution over time. “We’ve implemented new research into small cap value,” he added.

With new thoughts, ideas, and approaches contributing to the strong base of knowledge Dimensional is known for, DSFV touches on both the future and past of the firm.

3 Years and $100 Billion Later

Dimensional entered the ETF space three years ago. It passed the $100 billion mark earlier in the year. Fittingly, Rosenbluth asked about what’s ahead for Dimensional.

“We’re going to continue to be committed to the ETF space. I would fully expect the product suite to grow as we continue to have conversations with investors about what they need in their portfolio,” Harvey explained.

He attributed the firm’s success to listening to what investors want and where they can add value: “We want to make sure that we’re unique and differentiated and that what we bring is valuable.

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