VettaFi Equity Symposium Set for September 21st

Most portfolios live or die based on their equity allocations. VettaFi is thrilled to announce that they will be hosting an Equity Symposium on September 21st. 

Fresh off the success of their recent Artificial Intelligence Symposium and Fixed Income Symposium, VettaFi seeks to unpack equities — the ultimate portfolio building blocks. Furthermore, VettaFi’s previous symposiums featured experts and thought leaders, and the Equity Symposium is no exception. Hence, you’ll hear from the brightest minds in the industry. 

Equities – From Core to Satellites 

Equities can be used in a variety of ways and fulfill multiple functions in most portfolios. Accordingly, the symposium looks to cover a wide array of topics including an overview of the prospects and opportunities spanning large, mid, and small-cap companies. Additionally, we’ll cover strategic approaches to today’s unique market landscape. This will include in-depth looks at potential international plays. Furthermore, look for discussions centering around thematic ETFs and a broad array of sessions digging into the trends, ideas, and sectors that will be driving the market in the future. 

Emphatically, the symposium will look at strategies that mitigate volatility and explore which sectors are poised to thrive in 2024. 

Earn CE Credits For Free at the Equity Symposium

One of the most critical components of the previous symposiums were the CE credits they provided. Fortunately, the coming Equity Symposium looks to continue that tradition. It is currently slated for three hours of premium content. Additionally, registration is free. Earn CE credits while catching up on the tactics, strategies, and ideas that will be shaping investing in the coming years. 

Register for the Equity Symposium here.

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