Kevin O’Leary Talks Working While On Vacation | ETF Trends

Even if they are on vacation, Shark Tank host and O’Shares ETFs Chairman, Kevin O’Leary, expects his employees to respond to him, if needed.

“I work every day,” as O’Leary sees it. Every day is a vacation for him; he just happens to be working all the time. O’Leary puts forward this notion because he likes to work. “I like to go to interesting places. I meet interesting people. I do things I want to do.”

While not everyone can say the same, O’Leary doesn’t believe he has a division time anymore between work time and vacation time. “It’s always both,” he adds.

As far as how his employees manage their time within his organization, O’Leary doesn’t find himself concerned with when everyone arrives at the office, or where they are in general. “I just want you to get the tasks done that we agreed you’re going to do, and how you get it done is your business,” O’Leary makes clear.

He has employees all over the country, let alone the world, and they are either working all hours of the day, or they’re not. Getting the job done is what matters most.

O’Leary points out this is how the economy is going to be at this point. Having a 9-to-5 schedule is no longer required, as it is all about getting the work done. This is what matters.

“I like people that I can give a task to; a timeline, and a goal, and they get it done,” O’Leary states. This is what shows him a good employee that can make a lot more money. Regardless of the start time, or workplace, it’s finishing the work; getting it done.”

Enjoy Kevin O’Leary Talking About Working While Vacationing:

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