Equity Symposium to Provide Critical Guidance

The Equity Symposium is just a week away. Advisors can earn free CE credits and hear from industry experts and thought leaders on March 13th.

A Dynamic Market Demands Dynamic Thinking

The free CE credits are already enough to make registering for the Equity Symposium an easy choice. Of course, the true value will be in the knowledge shared. It is no secret that today’s markets are unusual. With leading economic indicators firing mixed messages, investors need every edge they can get.

The strength of VettaFi’s symposiums have been in their ability to provide both wide and deep understanding. Accordingly, the Equity Symposium will cover a number of corners of the world of equity investing.

Goldman Sachs and Jensen to Kick off Event

The symposium is set to open strong, with thought leaders from Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Jensen discussing factor investing in large caps. That session will be moderated by VettaFi head of research Todd Rosenbluth. Rosenbluth noted, “Quality and value will matter more as 2024 progresses, and many advisors want to go beyond market cap weighted index strategies.”

Equity Symposium Agenda to Have a Wide Scope

This event promises to cover a lot of ground. Investors will gain a robust understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the equity space. Leveraging this knowledge could be a difference maker. Accordingly, as advisors seek to grow their AUM and keep their clients happy, it is critical to have a robust knowledge of what’s happening in the world of equities.

Register for the Equity Symposium here.

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