The Equity Symposium is Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day! VettaFi’s Equity Symposium will offer critical thought leadership and guidance as the economy enters the second quarter. In today’s unusual environment, advisors need to understand the tools available to them and hear from experts. Helping your clients achieve their goals is always critical, and symposiums are an effective way to explore a wide range of strategies.

Expect a Focus on Active Management During the Equity Symposium

TMX VettaFi’s head of research, Todd Rosenbluth, will be moderating several of the panels. Ahead of the event he noted, “Actively managed ETFs have been gaining traction in 2024. I’m excited to hear from market experts behind some strong funds offered by Goldman Sachs, The Motley Fool Asset Management, VictoryShares, and T. Rowe Price on what the outlook is for the second quarter and beyond.”

Active management is having a moment. As investors look to make sense of an unusual market amid a dynamic rate environment, active management’s upsides are on display. Accordingly, the symposium will feature thought leadership from active managers.

Looking Beyond the Magnificent Seven

Tech is always top of mind as the potential for explosive growth is unmatched. With new technologies like AI impacting the markets, the tech space is as dynamic as ever. Investors in large cap stocks are interested in where to look beyond the Magnificent Seven, who had a dominant year in 2023.

The Value of Symposiums

TMX VettaFi’s symposiums offer investors a host of benefits. The simultaneously cover a wide array of topics and provide in-depth explorations of singular topics. Additionally, yhey provide free CE credits.

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