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Tactical Trading Using ETF Moving Averages and an ETF Watchlist

The foundation of ETF Trends’ philosophy is trend following. That’s because the markets tend to be an emotional place, and emotions will hurt your ETF portfolio. We don’t believe in buying ETFs based on speculation or “irrational exuberance.” We don’t believe in selling ETFs based on extreme fear or beliefs that a sector or country could take a turn for the worse. Trend following is all about a planned response to the market’s realities. When an ETF is above its 200-day moving average, it’s a buy signal. When it’s below its 200-day moving average, it’s a sell signal. Our ETF strategy is as simple as that, and with our ETF tactical trading tool, you can easily incorporate ETF trend following as your ETF strategy, too.

Our ETF Analyzer can be used as a Tactical Trading tool will keep you from missing ETF trends as they happen. By using our ETF Analyzer for tactical trading, you can screen ETFs and sort ETFs by their current price compared to the EMA trendlines.

Premium Members also have the ability to customize the ETF Analyzer, adding columns and new sort criteria.  Our database has the date the ETF fund last crossed the trendline, so you can sort your filtered list by this data point to find the most recent trend line crosses for both the 50-day EMA and the 200-day EMA. Your ETF Dashboard tool has an ETF watchlist for our premium subscribers, so they don’t miss an opportunity to buy an ETF when the trend is in place or sell an ETF when the trend disappears.  In addition, Premium Members can set alerts based on trend line crosses.  Receive an email when the closing price of the funds you care about crosses the trend line.  How powerful is that?

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