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Site Usage Meter on Your ETF Dashboard

The new ETF Trends Premium website has a lot of moving parts. We’ve got ETF Trends model ETF portfolios, an ETF research tool, and ETF tactical trading tool, an ETF Analyzer, a custom ETF portfolio tool and an ETF education section. But are you truly getting all you can out of it?

To make sure you don’t miss any of our cool features, our ETF Dashboard has a handy usage meter to keep you posted on how effectively you’re putting ETF Trends Premium to use. The more you use ETF Trends Premium, the more points your usage meter will earn.

Our site usage meter measures how many elements of the site you have viewed, and how much customization you’ve done.

Dashboard, ETF Analyzer tabs, ETF Resume tabs, Model Portfolio details

Dashboard edit columns and add to watchlist, ETF Analyzer edit columns and search criteria, create portfolios and alerts

If you’d rather not have the ETF Trends Premium usage meter on your dashboard, no problem. You can simply click a link to remove it.