DGA Absolute Return ETF Tracks Stock Price Momentum Changes

Days Global Advisors has listed the actively managed DGA Absolute Return ETF (NYSE Arca: HF) on the New York Stock Exchange. HF seeks to capitalize on the tendency of stock prices to trend in the same direction over short- to medium-term periods. The goal is to identify broad market signals that indicate an upward or downward trend.

HF is a “fund of ETFs” that targets U.S.-listed ETFs that invest in U.S. and foreign equities, bonds, currencies, and commodities. The fund may also invest in inverse or leveraged ETFs.

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As the fund’s subadvisor, Days Global Advisors applies an analytical investment model that examines current and historical ETF market data. The model identifies and responds to price momentum changes within global equity markets. It analyzes ETF trade volumes, prices, pricing and volume trends, and activities in the futures markets over various periods.

Its model then analyzes the size and frequency of these signals to determine which of four market environments is prevailing. The four market environments that impact the fund’s positioning are bullish, moderate, hedged, or bearish. With this data, the fund’s subadvisor seeks to structure a portfolio that will benefit over a full market cycle.

“Like Chess, we believe investing is a mathematical exercise that requires a strategic approach,” said managing director Christopher J. Day. “Success requires a deep understanding of the numbers and a clear evaluation of positions. The winners execute calculated moves and adapt their strategy to changing circumstances with precision and confidence.”

HF carries an expense ratio of 1.53%.

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