Growth in Blockchain Applications Could Power This ETF

The field of blockchain applications is growing in exponential fashion — that’s good news for an industry that’s long been linked to the cryptocurrency realm.

It is also positive news for investors considering blockchain-adjacent equities and exchange traded funds such as the Invesco Alerian Galaxy Blockchain Users and Decentralized Commerce ETF (BLKC). The Invesco ETF is higher by 57.28% year-to-date — potentially a sign that some market participants are waking up to the potential of the industry beyond its ties to crypto.

Take the case of blockchain explorers. Explorers track not only their own transactions, but everything else that’s happening on the blockchain. That provides substantial depth to end users while bolstering the broad adoption case.

Blockchain Explorer Applications

Blockchain explorers empower users and bring more transparency. Those are positives to be sure, but there’s more to the story, including applications in the venture capital world.

“For startups, blockchain explorers are a game-changer. Web3 makes it easy to hold projects accountable after they raise money, because investors can monitor how the projects are spending funds in real time,” Wolfgang Rückerl of ENT Technologies AG told CoinTelegraph.

Another point in favor of explorers, and a concept that some BLKC member firms are linked to, is boosting trust in the broader crypto ecosystem. That’s essential to broadening crypto’s investment and usage cases and pivotal following collapses and large-scale cyber assaults on some exchanges.

Additionally, the transparency afforded by blockchain explorers can stop crypto crime and fraud in its tracks, limiting damage to end users.

“This transparency can help with the detection of fraudulent activities, like wash trading, and provide necessary information for investigations or even compliance audits,” Anthony Georgiades of Pastel Network said to CoinTelegraph.

On a related note, it’s worth noting that explorers permit transaction tracking in real time and allow users to efficiently verify projects. Those items speak to the due diligence benefits of blockchain explorers, further highlighting fraud reduction perks.

Those advantages also highlight blockchain explorers’ utility in new crypto-based markets, which could underscore long-term potential for some BLKC member firms.

“By examining the associated addresses, it can identify a new online marketplace that’s accepting that cryptocurrency, indicating growth and potential partnerships. This helps decision makers adapt their strategies and capitalize on emerging markets,” according to Systango’s Vinita Rathi by way of CoinTelegraph.

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