Bitcoin-Related ETFs Shine in 2023

The Bitcoin-related ETF market has been flourishing lately, showcasing exceptional year-to-date performances. Notably, BlackRock, Fidelity, Invesco, and Wisdom Tree have all recently submitted filings for Bitcoin spot ETFs. This surge in activity demonstrates that cryptocurrency has reclaimed its relevance in the world of ETFs.

However, despite the promising YTD returns and the involvement of leading firms in filing for Bitcoin spot ETFs, the potential upside and limitations of these funds remain largely unknown. Additionally, there is a significant lack of substantial assets in many of the top-performing cryptocurrency ETFs. This likely reflects the hesitance of investors and advisors to invest in this particular space.

This article will take an in-depth look at a pair of top-performing Bitcoin-related ETFs. These two ETFs have garnered substantial assets and delivered impressive YTD returns. Additionally, we examine the highest-performing Bitcoin-related ETF, but we caution investors about solely focusing on its impressive YTD returns. Through exploring these funds’ key characteristics, we aim to provide insight into whether or not these ETFs are worthwhile investment opportunities.

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Two Top Performing Bitcoin ETFs

The investment world has recently witnessed a surge in the popularity of Bitcoin-related ETFs, with many of them producing impressive YTD returns.

The Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETF (BITQ), has a remarkable YTD return of 137.46% and has attracted AUM of $85.0 million since its debut on May 11, 2021. Its performance illustrates the extraordinary growth potential the fund offers. The fund’s top holdings include Coinbase Global, Inc. Class A, Riot Platforms, Inc., and Hut 8 Mining Corp. The stocks in its portfolio represent the ETF’s strategic focus on investing in leading companies at the forefront of crypto industry innovation. The one-year net flow of $17.46 million further highlights the increasing investor interest and support for this innovative ETF.

While BITQ offers exposure to equities of companies operating in the cryptocurrency space, the actively managed ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) offers more direct exposure to bitcoin, though not the cryptocurrency’s spot price. The first bitcoin futures ETF launched on October 19, 2021, and currently has $1.07 billion in assets under management. It gathered its first $1 billion in just a few days after its rollout, which demonstrated the intense demand for Bitcoin-related investment vehicles.

The fact that BITO currently has more than $1 billion in AUM with Bitcoin’s price at roughly half of what it was at the fund’s launch indicates that interest remains strong. It has seen inflows of more than $160 million YTD. BITO’s YTD return of 79.22% and one-year return of 61.01% are certainly impressive, though not the highest among Bitcoin-related ETFs.

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Highest Performing Bitcoin ETF

The highest-performing Bitcoin ETF in terms of YTD return is the Valkyrie Bitcoin Miners ETF (WGMI). With a remarkable return of 191.05%, it has caught the attention of investors. The ETF has seen one-year net flows of $7 million and one-month net flows of $1.86 million, indicating a growing interest in the fund. However, it is worth noting that despite its impressive returns, the ETF’s AUM stands at just $13.7 million, which is relatively small when compared to some other Bitcoin-related ETFs available in the market.


Investors should exercise caution when considering Bitcoin-related ETFs, given the market’s volatility and uncertain longevity. The rapid and unpredictable price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency landscape necessitate a careful assessment of risk appetite and financial objectives before investing. Additionally, with the industry still evolving and regulatory frameworks yet to stabilize, careful research and due diligence, as always, are crucial to making informed investment decisions. By understanding the underlying assets, investment strategy, and historical performance, investors can navigate the dynamic world of Bitcoin-related ETFs with prudence and confidence.

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