International markets and related exchange traded funds maintained their momentum Friday, with European stocks closing at an all-time high, as a strong earnings season and the European Central Bank’s supportive monetary policy outlook helped offset concerns over the more infectious Covid-19 Delta variant.

“The Monday selloff seems like a moment of brief panic, and … was enough, it appears, to reset sentiment and activity and prompt a resurgence of bullish momentum. Central bank(s) have done their bit to allay fears, most notably the ECB this week,” Chris Beauchamp, chief market analyst at online trader IG, told Reuters.

The European Central Bank (ECB) on Thursday kept its monetary policy steady and was committed to acquiring 1.85 trillion euros, or $2.2 trillion, of bonds until March 2022 as part of its Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program, CNBC reported.

The ECB said in a statement that interest rates will remain “at their present or lower levels until it sees inflation reaching two per cent well ahead of the end of its projection horizon and durably for the rest of the projection horizon, and it judges that realized progress in underlying inflation is sufficiently advanced to be consistent with inflation stabilizing at two per cent over the medium term.”

“This may also imply a transitory period in which inflation is moderately above target,” it added.

The ECB is also considering the resurgence in coronavirus cases, which could weigh on the recovery process.

“The reopening of large parts of the economy is supporting a vigorous bounce-back in the services sector. But the Delta variant of the coronavirus could dampen this recovery in services, especially in tourism and hospitality,” ECB President Christine Lagarde said, according to Reuters.

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