China Agrees to Global Collaboration on Artificial Intelligence

China has shown willingness to collaborate with other nations when it comes to establishing global standards on artificial intelligence (AI).

Realizing the vast capabilities of AI, more nations are cognizant of how powerful the technology can be and what it could do when used to its fullest extent (which has yet to be realized since it’s still a nascent technological advancement). Given this realization, nations are collaborating to develop standards for safety when it comes to AI development.

As mentioned, it appears China is willing to take part in this collaboration. This may come as somewhat of a surprise given Western sanctions to block China from purchasing AI chips, but the nation’s involvement is encouraging given that the government is willing to put its differences aside, particularly when it comes to relations with the U.S.

“China’s vice minister of technology said Beijing will cooperate with international counterparts — including the U.S. — to find common ground on frameworks for safe and responsible artificial intelligence development,” CNBC reported, noting that “Wu Zhaohui, China’s vice minister of science and technology, said the country was willing to ‘enhance dialogue and communication in AI safety with all sides.'”

In a world where technological reliance is increasing, nations are ramping up their development of AI. The U.S. and China, in particular, have been locking horns when it comes to developing the most advanced AI applications.

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