CE Credit Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:

Do we report the CE hours to insurance?:

CE credits are only accepted for these accreditations: CFP, CIMA, CIMC, or CPWA.

When are CE credits reported?:

We report live CE credits at the end of every week, and on-demand credits every two weeks.

I forgot to download my certificate:
  1. Log back into the on-demand webcast using the same link and login as the live webcast [make sure you have provided your CFP or CIMA ID when registering]
  2. Watch at least 50 minutes of the webcast
  3. Complete the 10 question test [in the light green folder at the bottom of screen]with a passing grade of at least 70 percent
  4. Download the certificate [which will be in the yellow folder at the bottom of your screen]
How will I be notified when I receive my CE credit?:

Your CE credits will be visible on your account

I’m being reported, but not receiving credit:
  • You might have provided an incorrect CFP or CIMA ID number when registering for a webcast
  • In an unlikely event the institution may miss reporting the CE credit to your account. If you believe your CE credit was missed, please email events@etftrends.com so we can re-report it for you
What are the requirements in order to receive CE credit?:
  • Live webcasts: watch at least 50 minutes
  • On-demand webcasts: watch at least 50 minutes, then take the 10 question test with a passing grade of 70 percent
Where can I find the CIMA course ID?:

It will be provided on your CE certificate, which is downloadable when 50 minutes of a webcast is completed either live or on-demand. Note that on-demand attendees must take an additional test with a minimum passing score of 70 percent.