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A number of bullish factors have supported the rebound in solar stocks, including continued strong overall world demand for solar, especially from India, Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia; greater demand for solar power due to increasingly competitive price of solar, compared to alternatives as countries seek to meet carbon-reduction targets under the Paris climate agreement; and continued low valuations, relative to pricier U.S. large-caps, according to MAC Solar Index, the index provider for the underlying benchmark of TAN.

“The surge of photovoltaics in China is largely due to government support for renewables, which are being demanded by a population concerned about air pollution and environmental degradation that has led to deadly smogs. The country is seeking to reduce its reliance on coal and has become the world’s largest market for renewables, particularly solar,” reports Bloomberg.

TAN’s year-to-date performance is all the more impressive when considering oil prices are plunging. Previously, solar stocks have risen when oil prices do the same because expensive oil renews calls for cheaper energy alternatives. TAN has not finished higher on an annual basis since 2013.

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