What Makes That Ticker Tick: Zeno Mercer and THNQ

AI has been one of the biggest themes in the market this year. It’s helped boost the stock market amid rising rate headwinds and other challenges. AI’s impact on the economy and our daily lives is already a big question, but how should investors look at AI in their portfolio? VettaFi CMO Jon Fee chatted with Zeno Mercer, a senior research analyst at ROBO Global, which saw its index suite acquired by VettaFi, on the topic.

The two explored a variety of questions specifically about the THNQ ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence index. Tracked by the ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence ETF (THNQ) itself, the index represents an intriguing option for investors looking at a route into the AI space. The discussion touches on factors from the index’s objective, its performance, and how it sets itself apart.

Mercer joined ROBO Global in 2021 following three years as a consultant at Bluemont Partners. Before that, he worked as director of business development and strategy at TransPerfect.

ROBO Global’s AI Index

0:30: ETFs and the underlying index

1:00: What is VettaFi?

1:30: Introducing Zeno Mercer, senior research analyst on the THNQ ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence Index

2:30: Ten key questions in ten minutes

3:30: What’s the objective of the index?

4:00: What is the investment case behind the index?

5:00: At a high level, what makes this index – launched in 2018 – different from other indexes?

6:30: What is the investing universe behind the ETF?

7:45: What are some of the factors used to select stocks for inclusion?

9:30: Isn’t AI found in almost all sectors today?

10:30: How often is THNQ rebalanced or reconstituted?

11:00: How has the index performed YTD and longer term?

11:45: What have been the index’s best and worst–performing market environments?

13:00: Talk about some of the constituents in the index right now

14:30: What kind of SaaS and cloud firms make it into the index?

15:30: What’s a lesser-known company inside the index that gets you excited?

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