Among Cryptos, Bitcoin Isn't The Most Volatile

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Bitcoin Consistently Less Volatile

Among the five aforementioned cryptos, bitcoin is consistently the least volatile.

“By our measure, in every year, bitcoin is the least volatile of the five cryptocurrencies we study. bitcoin reached its lowest average daily price movement, less than 2 percent, in 2016, before rising again to around 4 percent both in 2017 and 2018,” according to the Epoch Times.

Data suggest that as some of the major cryptos age, their volatility starts to move closer to bitcoin’s.

“For instance, in 2013 ripple’s average daily price movement was a full five percentage points higher than bitcoin’s (9 percent compared to 4 percent), but less than one point higher in 2016 (both had less than 2 percent). The exception is 2017, when all cryptocurrencies except ethereum saw significant upticks in average daily price movement,” reports the Epoch Times.

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