The Alternatives Symposium Will Illuminate an Esoteric Space

Alternatives got a lot of attention in 2022, when both equities and fixed income tumbled. Despite that, they remain esoteric for many investors. VettaFi is assembling a team of alternatives experts for its upcoming Alternatives Symposium.

Why Alternatives Matter in an Uncertain 2024

“Advisor engagement on VettaFi platforms with alternative investments has risen sharply in recent months as we head into the uncertain 2024,” said VettaFi Head of Research Todd Rosenbluth. “We know there are lots of subsegments of the alternatives space, so we are attempting to dive deep with industry experts on a range of topics. For many people, this is outside of their investment comfort zone, so we plan to start with the basics and dive deeper.”

Whether you are interested in wrapping your mind around the basics or looking to leverage a more enigmatic strategy, the alternatives symposium will give you actionable insight.

A Top-Tier Lineup

A robust exploration of alternatives requires a talented roster of insiders who understand the space. Accordingly, VettaFi has pulled together an impressive lineup of thought leaders.

Matt Hougan, CIO of Bitwise, will discuss the exciting world of crypto. Crypto remains one of the most fascinating subjects for investors, given its enormous potential. The spot bitcoin ETF has long been a holy grail for advocates, and one could very well exist by the time folks head to Exchange early next year. Hougan’s insights can’t be missed.

Commodities are critical components in the world of alternatives, and abrdn’s Robert Minter will be on hand to provide guidance and insight. If 2024 repeats some trends from 2022, commodities could become even more critical for your portfolio. Additionally, iMGP’s Andrew Beer will be discussing managed futures and how they fit into portfolios during uncertain years like the one ahead.

Additionally, Danielle Gilbert of Panagram and Fran Rodilosso of Van Eck will unpack collateralized loans.

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