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The Changing Energy Landscape

The U.S. is currently experiencing a significant long term shift in the electricity and energy sector as we change how energy is produced and consumed. Renewable energy now makes up over 60% of the power sector capacity additions in the US. However, renewables account for 18% of the total US power generation, but the share of investment suggests this sector is poised to accelerate.

ACES’s underlying index includes a 33% tilt toward wind, followed by 18.7% efficiency/LED/smart grid, 15.0% solar, 13.6% biomass/biofuel, 10.0% hydro/geothermal, 5.8% EV/storage and 3.6% fuel cell.

Top holdings include Tesla 5.8%, Covanta Holding 5.3%, Itron 5.3%, Pattern Energy 5.2% and Ormat Technologies 5.2%.

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