Introducing Blue Collar Cryptos

Good morning friends. I’ve been blog silent the past few months working on my new cryptocurrency news and education site, Blue Collar Cryptos. The site silently launched a few weeks ago. We’re working out the kinks before openly promoting the site. This is your sneak peek.

As detailed in my last post, I experimented in the Bitcoin and Blockchain space as an investor. I was hooked immediately, and I got lucky buying a bunch of coins before the last Bitcoin boom. I then immersed myself in the education all things Bitcoin and Blockchain. Now, I use skill instead of luck to make money investing in cryptos regardless of market conditions. My advice to you is to go about it the other way; education first, then invest. You’ll save yourself a bunch of headaches and money.

My partners and I want to spread the word on Cryptocurrencies, share the ways we’ve found success, and be a catalyst to help clean-up this space. Bitcoin offers so very much by way of technological advancements and wealth that it has naturally attracted the best cheaters. It’s a space with a lot scams disguised as investment opportunities. This will change, but for now, it’s still an active mine field out there. Blue Collar Cryptos is a site that only promotes top-tier cryptocurrency projects.

Blue Collar Cryptos Introduction

Our goal at Blue Collar Cryptos is to demystify Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto Exchanges, Crypto Wallets, and more. We want to be the investment voice for the voiceless in this space – the rest of us. It’s estimated that more than 90% of the population hasn’t taken a look at cryptocurrencies as investments. We believe this is out of fear and a lack of education on the technology behind Bitcoin. Years of slighted press releases and statements from fearful “old money” CEOs and investors; and too many press releases of hacks and fraud, have scared us the “average investor” away from this lucrative investing space.

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I’d like to change this paradigm. Blockchain technology isn’t going anywhere, which means cryptocurrencies are here to stay too. Investing in Bitcoin and altcoins is safe if an investor is willing to educate themselves prior to investing. That’s where Blue Collar Cryptos comes in. We want to educate and spread the word. Cryptocurrency wealth generation isn’t isolated to engineers, anyone can take advantage of this opportunity. The Internet is being re-written in Blockchain tech. By educating yourself now, you’ll be primed to pounce on huge revenue generating opportunities in the near future.

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