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ETF Trends was founded in 2005 by industry luminary Tom Lydon, who has carved out an enviable position as a true thought leader and tireless educator of the financial advisor community regarding Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETF education is delivered daily via multiple digital mediums including web, webcasts, research, video, podcasts, surveys and virtual summits. ETF Trends has become the leader in ETF industry coverage and evolving trends. It’s where top-producing financial advisors and self-directed investors come together for a one-stop update on what’s new, what’s important and how, why and which ETFs are performing.

News stories focus intently on educating investors regarding specific offerings, current market trends, sectors, asset classes, economies, and sentiment about every ETF market. The ETF Trends editorial team offer insightful content to readers to help them make the most of ETF investing and ETF trends.

We hope you find this information insightful, intelligent and in time to help you make the most of ETF investing and ETF trends.The exponential proliferation of ETFs provides a wealth of opportunities for investors who understand their potential. They cover an enormous range of specific investing possibilities that carry diversified risk.

So many choices can help you create a portfolio that is tax efficient, low cost and easy to implement. So many choices can also create tremendous confusion for investors who know that ETFs are the new frontier for investing, but don’t know where to start, what to buy, and when to sell.

With decades of experience in the financial services industry, we maintain ETF Trends to identify the advent and evolution of ETFs and their ability to serve as primary investing tools for individuals. ETF investing empowers investors to capture sectors, asset classes, and global regions to capitalize on the efficient marketplace while diversifying for risk.

On February 9, 2019, ETF Trends announced a merger with ETFdb.com.

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About Tom Lydon

Tom Lydon is the Co-CEO of ETF Flows LLC, the parent company and owner of ETF Trends and ETF Database. Tom is also the President of Global Trends Investments, a full service money management firm. With more than 25 years experience in asset management, Tom began his career with Fidelity Investments Institutional Division prior to launching Global Trends Investments and ETF Trends.

Tom  is a contributor to major print, radio and television media including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Barron’s, MarketWatch and Investment News. As the author of iMoney and The ETF Trend Following Playbook, Lydon is a highly sought-after speaker. He has been a high-profile presenter at the largest industry trade shows and investment conferences in the U.S. and abroad.

About Tom Hendrickson

Tom Hendrickson is the Co-CEO of ETF Flows LLC, the parent company and owner of ETF Trends and ETF Database. Tom is also the Executive Chairman of Mitre Media, a holding company for premium financial brands like MutualFunds.com, Dividend.com and MunicipalBonds.com. Tom is a graduate of the University of Alberta and an online financial media veteran. Before founding Mitre Media in 2012, Tom was President and partner of Investopedia, prior to its successful exit to Forbes Media.

About Dave Nadig

Dave Nadig is Chief Investment Officer and Director of Research at ETF Trends and ETF Database.

Nadig comes with 25 years of ETF experience, most recently as Managing Director of ETF.com, where he helped grow the business and provide expert commentary for the past decade. Before that, he managed mutual funds at startup MetaMarkets.com, and was a Managing Director at Barclays Global Investors in the 1990s. He’s widely leveraged by media and institutions as a key expert in the field.

Dave has been involved in researching, reporting and analyzing the investment management industry for more than 20 years, and recently co-authored a definitive book on ETFs, “A Comprehensive Guide To Exchange-Traded Funds,” for the CFA Institute.

As a managing director at Barclays Global Investors, Dave helped design and market some of the first ETFs. With partner Don Luskin, he went on to found MetaMarkets.com, a revolutionary transparent mutual fund company that pushed fund disclosure to the top of the SEC agenda. As co-founder at Cerulli Associates in the early ’90s, he conducted some of the first research on fee-only financial advisors and the rise of indexing. Dave is widely quoted in the financial press, a regular speaker at finance conferences, and publishes a widely read blog at ETF.com. He has an MBA in finance from Boston University.

About Our Editorial Team

Brenton Garen

Brenton Garen is editor-in-chief of ETF Trends, and its sister site, ETF Database. He is responsible for leading the editorial direction and digital initiatives of all products. He moved to the U.S. from Australia after receiving a B.A. in journalism from the Queensland University of Technology. Previously, Brenton was executive editor of Mirror Media Group in Los Angeles, where he oversaw five newspaper publications.

Max Chen

Max Chen is a staff writer at ETF Trends and ETF Database. Max earned his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Irvine. He currently resides in Irvine where he continues his life-long journey of finding the perfect pizza.

Aaron Neuwirth

Aaron Neuwirth is an editor of ETF Trends and its sister site, ETF Database. He is responsible for writing and managing content across both brands. When not focused on the world of ETFs, he spends his time watching, and writing about movies, as he’s a film fanatic and Rotten Tomatometer-approved film critic.

Our Mission

Educate the modern financial advisor by focusing on ETFs and data.

Our Content

ETF Trends’ team of writers and financial experts work diligently to bring our users the authoritative news on the latest topics, trends and insights of the word of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETF Trends’ features and actionable stories keep advisors and investors educated on specific ETFs, economic trends, and how these low-cost financial products can be implemented into investment portfolios. ETF Trends shares decades of experience in the financial services industry and covering markets for its readers.


ETF Trends features hundreds of one-hour educational webcasts for financial advisors. These webcasts feature the top ETF industry experts on a variety of trending topics of the ETF world. We offer 1 free CE credit when you attend our live and on-demand webcasts!

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Virtual Summit

ETF Trends hosts a one-of-a-kind event annually – the ETF Virtual Summit. The ETF Virtual Summit is a one-day online conference that’s complimentary for financial advisors to attend. Here, financial advisors have the opportunity to attend cutting edge virtual panels where leading ETF industry experts will offer their expert opinion and analysis on some of the biggest trends and opportunities in the markets.

ETF Nerds

ETFtrends.com and ETFdb.com are the creators of ETFnerds.com. The ETF Nerds are available to speak individually and collectively at all types of occasions. It’s their goal to educate advisors and investors about ETFs, how to research them and discuss current portfolio construction strategies. The current line-up of ETF Nerds include Tom Lydon, Dave Nadig, Eric Balchunas, Todd Rosenbluth, Elisabeth Kashner, Matt Hougan, Ben Johnson, Deborah Fuhr and Michael Venuto.