6 ETFs to Enhance Long-Term Portfolio Construction

Alternatively, if one believes markets generally rises over time with periods of short-term volatility, consider the new line of Portfolio+ ETFs that may help enhance long-term exposure.

The so-called Portfolio+ ETFs can potentially enhance a bullish stance by providing 25% added daily exposure to popular broad-based indexes targeted by advisors, including the Portfolio+ S&P Mid Cap ETF (PPMC), Portfolio+ Developed Markets ETF (PPDM), Portfolio+ Emerging Markets ETF (PPEM), Portfolio+ Total Bond Market ETF (PPTB), Portfolio+ S&P 500 ETF (PPLC) – formerly Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bull 1.25X Shares, and Portfolio+ S&P Small Cap ETF (PPSC) – formerly Direxion Daily Small Cap Bull 1.25X Shares.

The lightly leveraged solutions can be applied to common asset allocation strategies to seek greater upside potential over time. If investors believe that a portfolio offering 100% exposure to the markets is good, it stands to reason that a portfolio with 125% exposure can be better, even after full consideration of the potential risks.

Hardin also argued that lightly leveraged ETFs help offset the negative impact of volatility on compounded returns and help maintain a consistent percent benefit of diversification.

A strong bull market without long interruptions and relative low volatility can also help maintain positive gains in the lightly leveraged ETF. Compounding effects due to rebalancing can benefit leveraged ETFs in a upward-trending market. In an upward-trending market, compounding can generate longer-term returns that are greater than the sum of the individual daily returns. Similarly, in a downward-trending market, compounding can generate longer-term returns that are less negative than the sum of the individual daily returns.

Furthermore, these types of lightly leveraged ETFs may help investors free up assets to invest in other areas. Due to their 125% leverage, an investor would need to allocate less capital to achieve the same amount of 100% exposure to a market, which leaves extra cash available to be deployed in other non-correlating asset classes to seek greater portfolio diversification.

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