5 Signs You’re on Track for Early Retirement

Though the average American retires at age 63, some have been able to do so much earlier in their lives.

According to CNBC’s “Make It,” there are several signs to look out for that could indicate an early retirement. Some of these signs include the following:

  1. You create multiple streams of income, with earnings coming from passive income, real estate, or even a side-hustle.
  2. You pay yourself first by automatically withdrawing money from your paycheck and depositing it into your savings account.
  3. You have more than one savings account, with options including low-cost index funds, health savings accounts, or Roth IRAs.
  4. By tracking your expenses, you know where all of your money goes and you live within your means.
  5. You see money as an investment tool.

See the full video below for more tips on achieving an early retirement:

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