“Open that box,” O’Leary said. “I’m freaking out right now, because the moment this box opens and I put this watch on my wrist, I become the envy of just about every billionaire, CEO and celebrity on the planet.”

Once the box opens, the emotions are too overwhelming.

“This is spectacular, wow!” says O’Leary and he’s not joking when he adds, “It’s just bringing a tear to my eye.”

What makes the watch so sought-after:

  • The 5711 is a rare breed, particularly since Patek Philippe doesn’t release production numbers on the specific model
  • It’s a remake of a previous 1976 model that revolutionized concept of an elegant sports watch
  • In watch collecting circles, a used version of this watch can actually sell for more than the price paid brand new

Even as O’Leary succumbs to his emotions over his new pride and joy, the business acumen flips on like a sport button on a vehicle and he returns quickly to his more natural self.

“Nothing brings a tear to my eye like making money,” said O’Leary, “The 5711/1A retails for $30,000, but it’s so sought after that collectors are willing to pay up to $80,000 for it in the secondary market. So technically I just made 50,000 smackeroos!”

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