This helps educate managers and coworkers so that there judgement is based purely off performance and not the sex organs they have.

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3. Shift From Individual to Organization Around Equal Pay

“The change we can realistically expect to produce in any one instance will be small, imperfect and incomplete,” writes Correll. “Step by step, I believe that these small wins are the path to achieving our larger goal, which is the transformation of our organizations.”

Others want transparent compensation structures and standardized job description to eventually get the industry to pay equity.

Another reason for because women aren’t getting access to the best-paying jobs.

When Sacha Nitsetska was an investment banker at JPMorgan, she talked to more than 100 women, asking them what the bank could do to keep women, “The answers were very similar: increased pay transparency, clarity on career progression and bonuses, and mentorship from the seniors,”

But when she told senior management about her findings, she said, they did not believe her.

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“I was told that none of this was true and that in fact, the women are leaving because ‘they want to raise children,’” she writes.

217 years to close the gender pay gap is too slow.

Let’s admit we have a problem, change the way we think, and change the way we organize so that 217 years from now, we don’t have to have a ‘holiday’ for equal pay.