Formidable Asset Management Launches First ETF, 'FORH' | ETF Trends

On May 18, 2021, Formidable Asset Management, LLC, a firm focused on thoughtful investment strategies combined with methodical, tax-efficient, strategic allocations, announced the launch of its first ETF, the Formidable ETF. Shares will trade on the NYSE under the ticker symbol FORH.

FORH is an actively managed, liquid alternatives portfolio diversified among multiple distinct strategies, including tail hedging, inside a single ETF. The fund is driven by Formidable’s research process, not a passive index. It has a multi-strategy approach may complement fixed income or equities. Additionally, hedging strategies seek to help mitigate against significant market declines.

“We believe alternatives may play an important role in diversifying a client’s overall asset allocation, and yet we were unable to find funds that met our criteria in this category. Accordingly, we set about designing a multi-strategy approach rooted in our investment process, then decided to offer it as an ETF, which we believe may provide transparency and tax efficiency”, said Will Brown, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Formidable. “Since this is our first ETF, we decided engaging an experienced sub-advisor to help with the operational aspects of the Fund was important, and we are pleased to be working with Toroso Investments in this regard.”

“We are believers in active management, and we built the FORH’s equity selection process on a combination of fundamental analysis, valuation, and technical considerations, as opposed to an index. We also decided to employ an adaptable hedging strategy to help defend against significant market declines,” stated Adam Eagleston, CFA, Chief Investment Officer of Formidable.

The Fund invests predominantly in common stocks, and investments are the responsibility of the Advisor and the Sub-advisor. FORH’s Advisor is Formidable Asset Management, and its portfolio managers are Will Brown, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Formidable, and Adam Eagleston, CFA, Chief Investment Officer of Formidable. The Sub-advisor is Toroso Investment (“Toroso”); its portfolio managers are Michael Venuto, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Toroso, and Charles A. Ragauss, CFA, Portfolio Manager and Head of Trading of Tororso.

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