The word “unprecedented” has been used so often in the financial press this past year that it no longer has any meaning. Let’s call 2021 for what it is — an opportunity to rebuild your portfolio strategy from the ground up.

In the upcoming webcast, 2021 Asset Allocation Insights: Far From Obvious, William Roach, Jr., President, GLOBALT Investments; Gary Fullam, Chief Investment Officer, GLOBALT Investments; and Matthew Bartolini, Head of SPDR Americas Research, State Street Global Advisors, will walk through how they’ve positioned their clients for the coming year.

GLOBALT is a leader in building portfolios that focus on the changes in the global marketplace. They offer a number of diversified portfolio strategies to meet the market challenges ahead.

For example, under its asset allocation strategies, GLOBALT offers a Defensive portfolio suitable for the most conservative investors. This strategy attempts to mitigate volatility and provide downside protection while also producing risk adjusted total returns.

GLOBALT’s Conservative portfolio is suitable for investors who have a shorter investment time horizon and moderate-to-high aversion to risk. This strategy seeks to reduce portfolio volatility while also delivering risk adjusted returns.

The Income Growth portfolio is suitable for investors whose primary objective is income and growth in income and, secondarily, capital appreciation.

The Balanced portfolio is suitable for investors with high risk tolerances and longer investment horizons. This strategy seeks to provide competitive risk adjusted returns and capital appreciation.

Additionally, the High Growth portfolio is suitable for the most aggressive investors. This strategy seeks to deliver long term capital appreciation over market cycles.

Among its equity-focused strategies, the GLOBALT Large Cap Growth portfolio is suitable for aggressive investors seeking long term capital appreciation.

The Large Cap Core portfolio is suitable for aggressive investors with long investment horizons who are seeking capital appreciation over a market cycle.

Lastly, the Equity Income portfolio is suitable for investors with moderate risk appetites who are seeking income and modest capital appreciation.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about asset allocation strategies for the year ahead can register for the Monday, December 14 webcast here.