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The two funds are managed by veteran portfolio manager Danton Goei, whom joined Davis Advisors in 1998.

Durable Businesses with Competitive Advantages

Davis Advisors’ management style largely targets durable businesses with above average margin returns, strong competitive advantages and durability. Companies also have to show strong management that have been in place for over five years as long-term investors can be sure that these are ethical, honest people that will help the business last. Additionally, the management team will determine valuation or what’s the right price of the company, targeting long-term free cash flow of businesses, owner earnings and how durable the cash is available.

DINT’s top holdings as of June 1 include Alibaba Group 7.7%, Naspers 6.3%, Hollysys Auomation Technologies 5.5%, Safran 5.2% and New Oriental Education & Technology Group 4.6%.

DWLD’s top holdings as of June 1 include Alibaba Group 6.7%, Alphabet 6.5%, Amazon 6.5%, Naspers 5.4% and Wells Fargo 4.5%.

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