ETF Trends
ETF Trends

James Investment Research, a money manager known for its 40-year history of principles-driven investment management, has entered the ETF arena, launching its first ETF based on its time-tested multi-factor selection methodology with biblically responsible investing.

On Wednesday, James Investment Research rolled out the James Biblically Responsible Investment ETF (Cboe: JBRI), which comes with a 0.65% expense ratio.

The James Biblically Responsible Investment ETF will try to reflect the performance of the James Biblically Responsible Investment Index, which is comprised of large and mid-capitalization U.S. stocks of biblically responsible issuers.

Companies are selected based on the eVALUEator Biblically Responsible Index, which uses a rules-based, biblically responsible screening tool.

Specifically, it screens out or excludes companies engaged activities that are objectionable from a biblical perspective, including abortion; entertainment companies with products or practices that promote sexually graphic, violent, profane material; glorify the use of drugs and alcohol; or create propaganda or content intended to undermine positive family values parents are trying to instill in their children; pornography; companies with products or practices that promote gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual, or questioning lifestyles, including through advertisements or marketing campaigns targeted to those with such lifestyles; alcohol; companies that use methods to support terrorist organizations, undermine human rights, undermine workers’ rights, or persecute Christians; tobacco; and gambling.

The underlying index will select 100 companies from the 1,000 largest companies by capitalization listed in the U.S. with the highest scores taken from the eVALUEator Biblically Responsible Index screens.

“JBRI is designed for investors who want to show their faith in myriad aspects of their lives, including their investment portfolios,” Matt Watson, portfolio manager with James Investment Research, said in a note. “With our time-tested investment strategies, investors now have the opportunity to invest with biblical principles while seeking attractive returns.”

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