Lots of Stocks and a Low Fee in This ETF

VXF holds nearly 3,230 stocks and its top 10 holdings represent just 4.4% of the ETF’s weight. Financial services and technology stocks combine for 34% of VXF’s weight while consumer discretionary and industrial stocks combine for just over 28%. The ETF features relatively small exposure to energy, telecom and utilities stocks because the most investable names in those sectors are usually large-caps.

VXF “is a well-diversified portfolio that straddles the mid- and small-cap size segments. Its average market capitalization is less than half the mid-cap blend category average because it owns small- and micro-cap stocks. Indeed, over 50% of its assets are invested in small- and micro-cap stocks. Likely because the fund owns smaller stocks, its return on equity is consistently below the category average’s. Its top 10 holdings represent less than 5% of its holdings, while the mid-cap blend category averages over 20%,” said Morningstar.

The median market value of VXF’s holdings is $4 billion and the portfolio’s turnover rate is 12.2%, according to issuer data.

VXF keeps with the tradition of low fee Vanguard funds with annual fee of just 0.08%. That works out to $8 on a $10,000 investment.