The fund may also include equity securities that are characterized by high dividend yield, including common stocks, preferred stocks, warrants, convertible securities and pooled investment vehicles. These holdings will not exceed more than 20% of its total assets in normal circumstances.

CWA Asset Management Group selects holdings based on a value strategy focused on the current and potential future valuation of a security, credit quality of an issuer and the stability of the issuer’s balance sheets and competitive advantages.

“Despite recent Federal Reserves action, rates remain lower on a global basis and so investors of every sort are rightly looking down all avenues in the hunt for income, ” Laura Morrison, Senior V.P. and Global Head of ETPs at BATS, said in a note. “In CWAI, StrongVest has created a compelling ETF which allows for tax-efficient access to an active, income-targeting investment strategy at a low expense ratio. This is good news for investors.”

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