An Active Income ETF Strategy for a Changing Landscape

The exchange traded fund community welcomes another entrant to the growing space, with StrongVest partnering up with CWA Asset Management Group to launch their first ETF.

The StrongVest recently launched the CWA Income ETF (BATS: CWAI), which is sub-advised by CWA Asset Management. CWAI has a 0.75% expense ratio.

CWAI’s portfolio is managed by Lewis Johnson, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Capital Wealth Advisors and President, Co-founder & Partner of Fundamental Global Investors, LLC, their affiliated investment manager.

The actively managed ETF will try to provide total return by investing in a diversified portfolio of corporate bonds with varying maturities and equity securities. Typical holdings include investment-grade corporate bonds of large-cap domestic issuers, along with securities of small- and mid-cap issuers, both foreign, including emerging markets and domestic in any market sector regardless of credit quality.