A Flexible, 'Best Ideas' Bond ETF Strategy

“The fund is flexible and opportunistic,” according to the prospectus sheet.

The management team has broad discretion to shift the fund’s exposure to strategies, sectors, countries or currencies based on changing market conditions and its view of the best mix of investment opportunities. Managers will select securities based on their analysis of individual investments and broader economic conditions in individual countries, regions and the world, shifting from conservative to higher risk opportunities based on prevailing market conditions.

“The strategy takes a benchmark agnostic approach and seeks to take advantage of opportunities across market sectors, credit quality, countries and currencies, extending beyond traditional fixed income investments,” according to a note. “It captures J.P. Morgan’s highest conviction ideas in a flexible strategy that identifies opportunities in response to evolving market conditions.”

The active ETF will include at least 40% of assets in countries other than the U.S and will hold at least 25% of assets in investment-grade debt. The fund will also try to maintain a duration of eight years or less.

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