Healthcare Bill Vote Keeps Hold of U.S. Stock ETFs

However, several reports by mid-Friday have suggested that Republicans don’t have the needed votes to pass the bill through the House of Representatives.

“You don’t know how to handicap the rest of Trump’s agenda until you know how this vote goes,” Justin Wiggs, managing director in equity trading at Stifel Nicolaus, told the Wall Street Journal. “Until then, we sit and wait.”

Stock-trading volumes also suggest that many traders are in a holding pattern until the outcome of the healthcare bill, with equities set for one of their slowest trading days this year.

“No one has any idea what’s going to happen with this vote so they are sitting there waiting for actual information rather than theory,” Ben Kumar, an investment manager at Seven Investment Management, told Bloomberg. “In general you can ignore the politics and trade on the underlying fundamentals. The market is still fundamentally intact.”

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