ETF Trends publisher Tom Lydon spoke with Jonathan Stanley, Newfleet Asset Management, Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, at Inside ETFs conference that ran Jan. 22-25, 2017.

Stanley spoke the power of active management and Newfleet’s fixed-income strategies.

Floating-Rate Bank Loans Offer Natural Hedge to Rising Interest Rates

Investors appear ready to embrace an exuberant 2017, with a lot of hope—and money—riding on expectations for economic growth, spurred on by hoped-for tax cuts and infrastructure spending that are within reach of a unified U.S. Congress and White House.

Yet the potential risks ahead are not insubstantial. They include rising inflation, a growing debt burden and a possible trade war resulting from a push toward protectionism.

Preparing to be a nimble, flexible investor might be the best—certainly a more prudent— approach in 2017, according to Virtus ETF Solutions.

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