Tech ETFs on Fire Thanks to Trump's Proposed Tax Holiday Policy

Large institutional traders may enjoy the robust liquidity found in XLK, but long-term investors who are less concerned about day-to-date, bid-ask spreads may like the cheaper 0.10% expense ratio found in VGT, compared to XLK’s 0.14% expense ratio. With FXL, investors will not find the significant weights to tech titans such as Apple (NasdaqGS: AAPL) and Microsoft (NasadaqGS: MSFT) as they will find with an ETF like XLK or VGT.

“As is the case with many smart beta strategies, a case can be made that FXL’s periods of outperforming cap-weighted rivals are attributable to the size factor. FXL’s holdings have a median market value of $10.5 billion, indicating that this is, essentially, a mid-cap fund. That figure is dwarfed by the weighted average market value of $298.4 billion found on the 75 holdings in the largest technology ETF,” adds Investopedia.

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Tom Lydon’s clients own shares of Apple.