On the other hand, HCP Inc (NYSE: HCP) will be cut after a recent dividend reduction following its spin-off of the now known Quality Care Properties.

Current top holdings include prominent names like Nucor 2.4%, Automatic Data Processing 2.3%, Chevron 2.3%, Sysco Corp 2.3% and AT&T 2.2%. Holdings are also more or less equally weighted and rebalanced on a quarterly basis.

Due to its indexing methodology, NOBL has a much different sector profile than the benchmark S&P 500. The dividend growth ETF overweights consumer staples 25% and industrials 16%, whereas the S&P 500 leans on information technology 21% and financials 15%.

“CFRA thinks amid market uncertainty related to the aging bull market and a new President, an ETF that can provide both potential downside protection as well as holding some attractively valued stocks is worthy of attention,” Rosenbluth added. “With additional favorable low costs, NOBL is a strong ETF for consideration.”

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