A Robotics ETF to Tap into a Growing Global Trend

As technology growth continues to pick up speed, robotics and automation could usher in the next industrial revolution. Investors can also tap into the potential explosive growth in the robotics space through a targeted exchange traded fund strategy.

“Robotics is a global mega trend that most investors are not positioned for,” William E. Studebaker, President, CIO, and Managing Partner of ROBO Global, told ETF Trends in an email.

The robotics and automation sub-sector is still in its nascent stages, which leaves a lot more room to run. For instance, there are 17,000 logistics warehouse in U.S. and less than 1% are automated, Studebaker told Nasdaq.

“We think the investment opportunity is enormous,” Studebaker told Nasdaq. “We think we are actually in the first inning of the baseball game where the players aren’t even on the field yet.”

Unlike most other products and services, robotics can have its hands in multiple sectors and areas around the world, opening up an even larger opportunity for growth