4 Diversified ETFs to Match Various Investors' Risk Appetite

Invesco PowerShares has rolled out actively managed multi-asset exchange traded funds with targeted levels of risk exposure to help investors achieve the risk tolerance they are comfortable with.

On Thursday, PowerShares launched four new active ETFs, including:

– PowerShares Conservative Multi-Asset Allocation Portfolio (BATS: PSMC), which seeks total return consistent with a lower level of risk relative to the broad stock market. PSMC has a 0.37% expense ratio.

– PowerShares Moderately Conservative Multi-Asset Allocation Portfolio (BATS: PSMM), which seeks to provide current income and some capital appreciation. PSMM has a 0.38% expense ratio.

– PowerShares Balanced Multi-Asset Allocation Portfolio (BATS: PSMB), which seeks to provide current income and capital appreciation. PSMB has a 0.39% expense ratio.

– PowerShares Growth Multi-Asset Allocation Portfolio (BATS: PSMG), which seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation. PSMG has a 0.39% expense ratio.

The multi-asset portfolios are based on a suite of models designed by the Invesco Global Solutions and Development and Implementation team to help provide investors with a convenient and diversified investment through a single easy-to-use investment vehicle.