CFO tracks the CEMP U.S. Large Cap 500 Long/Cash Volatility Weighted Index, which “is a passive broad market index consisting of the common stock of the 500 largest U.S. based companies with four quarters of positive earnings weighted based on their daily standard deviation.”

CFO offers investors a unique “airbag” approach in that it can move to a cash position of up to 75% in the event of a significant market pullback. As stocks rebound from that hypothetical decline, CFO’s underlying index begins reducing cash and adding equity exposure, providing investors with the advantages of dollar-cost averaging.

The VictoryShares lineup now consists of 11 ETFs with a combined $960 million in assets under mangement.

“The VictoryShares platform is designed to provide investors with rules-based solutions that bridge the gap between the active and passive elements of their portfolios,” said Mannik Dhillon, CFA, Head of Investment Solutions for Victory, in the statement. “As investor behavior continues to evolve away from style box investing into factor- and risk-based investing, VictoryShares will serve as building blocks for next-generation portfolios.”

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