Flexible Plan Investments reviews and dynamically weights scores of available smart beta ETFs using its research and proprietary Evolution software to target the most attractive for portfolio inclusion, doing the leg work so that financial advisors can more efficiently manage their businesses.

The Brighter Beta strategy is Flexible Plan Investment’s answer to ongoing market volatility as the “all-terrain” strategy can help protect wealth in any market environment. During bullish market conditions, the Brighter Beta strategy overweights higher beta or cyclical investment factors, which typically outperform in bull markets. On the other hand, during bear market conditions, Brighter Beta would overweight low volatility or low beta securities. Meanwhile, in a not too cold and not too hot market, Brighter Beta includes multiple asset classes to increase the probability of capturing returns in a sideways market.

“Beating the market is not what dynamic risk-managed investing is all about; rather, it is an under-utilized portfolio complement of defensive tools,” according to Flexible Plan Investments. “If the investor can reduce losses, performance will usually take care of itself over a full market cycle if the investor has more money to invest when the market comes back. With dynamic risk-managed investing, allocations can change when necessary with strategies designed to help investors reach their individual investment goals.”

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about risk-managed investment strategies can register for the Tuesday, November 22 webcast here.