Largest Transportation ETF Higher by 8.5% This Year

“Traders have been waiting 18 months for the Transports to pull themselves up out of a decline. It would be important for many reasons, broader participation with the market, Dow Theory confirmation to name a few. But it may be best to take away the noise of the day-to-day price action to see what is happening,” according to

Transportation stocks were expected to benefit from lower oil prices and while that has been the case for airline stocks, other industry groups represented in IYT, including railroads, have struggled.

Market observers are optimistic about a cyclical recovery where U.S. consumers and businesses spend more, which would add to increased activity through railways and transportation sectors. Railroads are popular plays among some of the largest investors, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

“How far will it go? There is no way to tell. But what is clear is that the Transportation Index has already reversed higher. Sure many will be happier with confirmation by a price move over a certain prior price point. But look at the moving averages. All are now lifting higher. Time to get on board,” adds

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